Practice Areas

No-Fault Arbitration & Litigation

No-fault cases involve medical expense reimbursement for car accident victims and for the doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers who help them.

The no-fault litigation and medical collections team at Fass&D’Agostino, P.C. has the experience and expertise to facilitate the recovery of medical fees for services rendered when the claim has been denied by no-fault insurance carriers.

Years of experience have showed us that no-fault insurance carriers can, and often do, deny properly submitted medical service bills for any number of purported reasons. Because the arbitration or litigation process can be time-consuming and complicated, the insurance companies bank on the hope that a lot of medical providers will simply not pursue wrongfully-denied no-fault claims.

We provide a sensible and cost effective solution for medical providers who would otherwise lose thousands, and sometimes, millions of dollars in revenue due to improper no-fault carrier denials. Our firm has arbitrated, litigated, and settled thousands of wrongfully denied claims from providers specializing in surgery, medicine, chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture, diagnostic and neurological testing, podiatry, psychiatry, MRIs and medical supplies. No claim is too small or large for us to pursue.

Representing The Injured

Fass & D’Agostino, P.C. is an experienced team of legal professionals with combined experiences in handling personal injury, medical malpractice and products liability claims on behalf of our clients.

A substantial portion of our clients referrals come to us from former and present clients. Additionally, numerous law firms that do not handle personal injury claims refer their personal injury clients to our offices because they are aware of our track record.

It is our goal to not only make sure our clients recover from their injuries, but to guarantee they are compensated properly for their pain and suffering.

Real Estate Transactions

The effective advocates at Fass & D’Agostino, P.C. can help guide you in all real estate transactions, including the purchase or sale of your home or commercial property.

We have experience in complex real estate transactions including landlord-tenant disputes, residential and commercial lease agreements, and purchase and sale agreements. In addition, we are strong, effective advocates on behalf of clients involved in disputes and litigation relating to a broad range of real estate transactions.

Criminal Law/Traffic Violations

Occasionally, good people do bad things. Our attorneys will protect your rights and fight to get you the best results possible whether you have been arrested for a felony or just received a traffic ticket. Our firm knows what you are going through and will stand by you every step of the way.